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Faculty | Courtney Caudle Travers

Senior Lecturer & Director of Internships

Office: 220H Edgehill
(1801 Edgehill Ave)
Phone: 615-322-3460

Office Hours

Curriculum Vitae

COURTNEY CAUDLE TRAVERS is Senior Lecturer and Director of Internships in Communication Studies. Her research and teaching focus on the merger between American political and popular culture, particularly during the early Cold War era. She has co-authored an essay on metaphor in Style, and her current project examines Jacqueline Kennedy’s visual rhetorical influence on the Kennedy administration’s presidential persona.


B.A. English, University of Florida (2007)

M.A. Speech Communication, University of Georgia (2009)

PhD. Communication, University of Illinois (2015)

Typical Courses

Introduction to Communication Studies
Fundamentals of Public Speaking
Organizational & Managerial Communication
Rhetoric & Civic Life