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Bohyeong Kim Wins 2018 Cultural Studies and Stuart Hall Foundation Award for Early Career Researchers

Posted by on Thursday, November 1, 2018 in News & Events.

Professor Bohyeong Kim has won the 2018 Cultural Studies and Stuart Hall Foundation Award for Early Career Researchers. The award comes in recognition of her 2017 article in Cultural Studies entitled, ”Think Rich, Feel Hurt: The Critique of Capitalism and the Production of Affect in the Making of Financial Subjects in South Korea.”

The award selection committee had this to say about Professor Kim’s work:

“Bohyeong Kim’s stimulating paper achieved an admirable balance at a number of levels: between sophisticated general theory and well-observed site-specific research; global ‘structural’ developments and cultural discourses specific to Korea; subjectivity as ideology and subjectivity as affect; continuity and change in modes of capitalist regulation and incorporation. Not least, a hinterland of developed interdisciplinary understanding was brought to the page in engagingly lucid prose.”

More information about the award and the selection of this prestigious honor can be found here.

Congratulations, Bohyeong!