Additional Academy Workshops

First-year MBA students must complete at least one writing workshop from the list below:

Visual Writing: CEO and Founder of Ethos3 Scott Schwertly will lead this workshop. Ethos3 creates presentations (Keynote, Prezi, and PowerPoint) for Google, PepsiCo, NBC Universal, and Guy Kawasaki. They have won 1st and 2nd place awards in the SlideShare World’s Best Presentation Contest. Come and learn the best of visual presentations.

Crisis Communication: It is not if a crisis, but when a crisis will happen at your company. Whether the situation involves a product recall, a natural disaster, or a case of fraud, as a leader during a crisis situation, you will be called upon to respond. How you handle the crisis in your written and spoken communication likely will impact your reputation for the rest of your career. CEO Mimi Bliss of Bliss Communications will lead this interactive workshop.

Financial Writing: Come learn strategies on how to take complex numbers and tell the company’s story. GA Pincus Funds President and Owen alumnus Gabriel Pincus will present ways to make the financials clear and compelling to your stakeholders.

Personal Brand Writing: Laura Creekmore, Creek Content CEO, will share how to use social media, blogs, podcasting, and video to build and support your personal brand throughout your career.

LinkedIn Writing: From branding yourself to branding your business, you will learn masterful techniques to launch your brand online through LinkedIn. LinkedIn Storyteller/Talent Brand Strategist and Owen alumnus Aaron Fung will present this session.

Social Media Writing: How do you convert your writing style for social media to get the best results for your company? University of Louisville Professor Karen Freber will present the best practices and writing tips for building your digital profile.