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Zach Feldman: Analog Photosphere

This project is an investigation in the ontology of analog and digital media. Using 35mm film and digital imaging software to create this Virtual Reality “photosphere,” I aim to challenge the often hardline distinction between the moving image and the still image. What you see here is a simulation of what the viewer within the VR environment might see.  The photosphere is comprised of still images, however the movement of the VR viewer impregnates the still image with movement–a phenomenon which I have called the “barely-moving image.” If traditional film is the still image over *time* (24 frames/second or more), then this new experience might be seen as the still image over *space*. More than the simple novelty of using the “outdated” media of film photography, this project provokes questions of media that are seemingly at odds with one another and attempts to form a constructive tension between the ontologies of both “analog” and “digital.”