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Sarah Nelson: Title TBD

This project, called “Title: TBD,” is the first installment of a periodic podcast, hosted and conducted by graduate students. Each hour-long episode is dedicated to showcasing graduate students’ in-progress research projects in the humanities and social sciences.  The aim of the podcast is two-fold. First, the project takes up the podcast—an increasingly popular medium for “edu-tainment”—as a vehicle to bridge the gap between formal academic work and public audiences. Second, the podcast provides graduate students with the experience of speaking about their project and its significance outside of the academy. The podcast also serves as a forum to bring students from across the academy together; in a low-stakes, non-evaluative environment, it provides a space where graduate students get to know and understand the frames of reference and terms of debate at work in other disciplines (a basic pre-requisite for mutual interdisciplinary understanding and work).

Tools used: Logic Pro