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Jacob Abell: The Lettuce Goes Home

Many people in the United States looking to support local agriculture find themselves asking the question, just how local is “locally grown food”? In Nashville, Tennessee, there exists an established network of urban farmers markets, but it can still be challenging for urban consumers to imagine the journey that their food takes to arrive at a given market. “The Lettuce Goes Home” was my attempt to visualize that journey by retracing the path of a single head of lettuce from the Rosa Parks Farmers Market to its source at Bells Bend Farms on the edge of Davidson County. With almost no cuts and a time-lapse feature to speed up the footage, the short film aims to communicate the viability of consuming truly local food in a major urban center. In so doing, I also hope to increase awareness of the economic and ecological relationships that relate cities like Nashville to the rural farming zones that surround and supply them.


Tools: Adobe Premiere (video editing), Garage Band (sound editing), Sony DSLR camera