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Derek Price: The Horror of Capital in Darkest Dungeon

This project is an experiment to discover the affordances and limitations of doing academic
work, and specifically, games criticism, in video form. The video argues that the video game DarkestDungeon mobilizes a particular brand of Lovecraftian horrort o play on anxieties about working and living in the 21st century. Combining gameplay footage, personal experience, and semiotic analysis, the essay uses video clips and still images to comment on, illustrate,or even parody the argument carried out in the narration. The video is inspired by the vibrant games criticism communities making video essays on Youtube and other platforms, as well as recent developments in Game Studies dealing with gamification and the convergence of play and work in and around video games.


Tools: Open Broadcasting Software (Screen Capture), Logic Pro X (Digital Audio Workstation), Audio-Technica AT2035 (microphone), Adobe Premiere (Video Editing), Paint.NET (Image Editing)