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Cynthia Porter: I(nk)dentity

The I(nk)dentity project was created with the objective of approaching the topic of publicly visible tattoos from the perspective of the wearer and their experiences and connotations with their body art. The project presented visitors and residents of the Nashville area with the opportunity to volunteer/participate in a recorded discussion. I prepared guiding questions to pose to participants prior to taking candid video and photos of their visible tattoos. Having prepared the questions to be open-ended, participants had the opportunity to take the discussion where they felt the most comfortable and engaged. The success of the project was realized as participants reported to have never considered such questions in relation to their tattoos in the past. Questions included “what word-associations do you have when you think about tattoos?,” “how do you view your tattoos in relationship to the rest of your body?,” “do you view your tattoos as their own entities or a part of your body as a whole.”

Tools: Canon EOS 60D, Zoom microphone, lavalier, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Final Cut Pro, Microsoft Office