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Seminars | Maymester Modules | Internship | Teaching/Immersion

Overview of Requirements

Aside from taking the required courses in their home department, CMAP joint-Ph.D. students  are required to take four core team-taught seminars (CMAP 8001-8004), sequenced over the course of two years; and to participate in two modules of workshops (CMAP 8010-8011), offered in alternating years during Vanderbilt’s Maymester and specially designed to build more advanced skills in creating media objects (films, audio content, e-books, online educational materials, websites, innovative presentations, databases, etc.) and managing digital information.

CMAP doctoral students take their qualifying exams as stipulated by their primary departments. They write just one dissertation to fulfill the requirements for the Joint-Ph.D. However, joint-degree dissertations typically incorporate perspectives that reflect a student’s participation in CMAP core seminars and digital practice modules. CMAP strongly encourages new and experimental formats of the dissertation. The candidate’s Ph.D. committee for the dissertation must include at least one member of the CMAP affiliated-faculty. During the semester leading up to their dissertation defense, students are required to design two online media presentations featuring their dissertation. One of these presentations should address specialized audiences, the other a general lay public.

CMAP students are required to carry out forty hours of internship work at some point in their graduate studies. These internships offer opportunities to probe one’s knowledge and media skills within non-academic settings. During one semester of their fourth or fifth year of graduate study at Vanderbilt, CMAP students will also use their expertise in the theory, analysis, and making of digital objects to serve as a TA in a select course on campus or contribute to the creative project of one or several undergraduate students in their respective home departments. Operating within the context of the Immersion Vanderbilt Project, this latter contribution may take many different forms and will be closely coordinated between the CMAP student’s home department and the CMAP program director.