Minor in Brazilian Studies

Minor in Brazilian Studies

The Center for Latin American Studies also offers a minor in Brazilian studies. To minor in Brazilian Studies, students must complete 15 hours of coursework according to the outline below.

I. Required core courses:

  • LAS 2102- Introduction to Brazil (3 hrs)
  • Portuguese 2203- Intermediate Portuguese (3 hrs.)

II. Distribution Requirements (9 hrs- one course in each area)

  • Area I: Portuguese Language and Literature
    • PORTUGUESE: 3301, Portuguese Composition and Conversation; 3303, Introduction to Luso-Brazilian Literature; 4420, Brazilian Literature through the Nineteenth Century; 4425, Modern Brazilian Literature.
  • Area II: Brazilian Society, History, and Cultures
    • ANTHROPOLOGY: 2108, Indigenous Peoples of Lowland South America.
    • HISTORY: 2490, Brazilian Civilization.
    • PORTUGUESE: 3302, Brazilian Pop Culture; 4350, Brazilian Culture through Native Material; 3891, Special Topics in Portuguese and Brazilian Literature or Civilization in English Translation.
  • Area III: Brazil in Regional and Global Context
    • AFRICAN AMERICAN AND DIASPORA STUDIES: 2148, Blacks in Latin America and the Caribbean; 13248, Atlantic African Slave Trade; 1706 Capoeira: Afro-Brazilian Race, Culture, and Expression.
    • ANTHROPOLOGY: 2106, Culture and Power in Latin America.
    • ECONOMICS: 2220, Latin American Development.
    • HISTORY: 1370, Colonial Latin America; 138, Modern Latin America; 245, Reform, Crisis, and Independence in Latin America, 1700–1820; 251, Reform and Revolution in Latin America; 254a, Race and Nation in Latin America.
    • LATIN AMERICAN STUDIES: 2101, Introduction to Latin America
    • POLITICAL SCIENCE: 3217, Latin American Politics; 3228, International Politics of Latin America.
    • SOCIOLOGY: 3231, Contemporary Latin America.

Proficiency at the intermediate level in Portuguese can also be demonstrated through testing. If this option is exercised, students must take 3 credit hours of course work approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies in lieu of the 3 credit hours of PORT 2203. Other elective courses, including special topics courses, may be counted toward the minor with the approval of the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

 **Latin American Studies is an interdisciplinary minor so, eligible courses can be found in nearly all departments on campus. For a comprehensive list of courses each semester, click here.**