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LAS Course Options for Fall 2021

ANTH 1601  Introduction to Language and Culture Harvey, T.S.
ANTH 2105 Race in the Americas Gill, Lesley
ANTH 3121 Global Wealth and Poverty Gill, Lesley
ANTH 3202 The Collapse of Civilizations Demarest, Arthur
ANTH 3262 Ethics in Anthropology, Archaeology, and Development Demarest, Arthur
ANTH 3890 Special Topics – Cultrl Linguis Determin Health Harvey, T.S.
ANTH 6890 Special Topics – Cultrl Linguis Determin Health Harvey, T.S.
ANTH 8010 Special Topics – Power & Political Systems Bjork-James, Carwil
CREO 1102/5102 Elementary Haitian Creole I (Duke) STAFF
CREO 2202/5202 Intermediate Haitian Creole I (Duke) STAFF
ECON 2220 Latin American Development Vides De Andrade, Ana R.
ECON 7910 Seminar in Research on Economic Development: Microeconomic Applications Vides De Andrade, Ana R.
ECON 7910 Seminar in Research on Economic Development: Microeconomic Applications Dustan, Andrew
FREN 3001 Texts and Contexts: Middle Ages to the Enlightenment Miller, Paul
HIST 1111 First-Year Writing Seminar – FYS:Destruct of Indies Landers, Jane
HIST 1353 Atlantic History in the Digital Age Genkins, Daniel
HIST 1370 Colonial Latin America Eakin, Marshall
HIST 1379W The Inquisition in the New World: Law, Deviance, and Heresy in Colonial Mexico Wright-Rios, Edward
HIST 1384  Law, Gender, and Slave Emancipation in Latin America Castilho, Celso
HIST 2480/5480 Central America Robinson, William
HIST 2570/5570 Caribbean History, 1492-1983 Robinson, William
HIST 3000W The History Workshop – Citizenship and Memory Castilho, Celso
HIST 3100 Pirates of the Caribbean Landers, Jane
HIST 4960 Majors Seminar – Nationalism Eakin, Marshall
IEPM 6110 International Organizations and Economic Development Heinrich, Carolyn
IEPM 7950 Practicum in International Education Policy and Management Cravens, Xiu
KICH 1102 Elementary K’iche’ I Sattler, Mareike
KICH 2202 Intermediate K’iche’ I Sattler, Mareike
LAS 2101 Introduction to Latin America STAFF
LAS 3851/5851 Independent Study STAFF
LAS 4901/5901 Research Seminar Dickins de Girón, Avery/Covington, Paula
LAS 7999 Master’s Thesis Research STAFF
MHS 2420/5420 Economic Demography and Global Health Jones, Martha
MHS 2610 Global Health Crises McKay, Tara
MHS 4010/6010 Psychiatry, Culture, and Globalization Behague, Dominique
MHS 6500 Special Topics in the Social Foundations of Health – Interdisciplinary Writing Behague, Dominique
MHS 7305 Essential Skills in Global Health Moon, Troy
MUSE 1340 Special Ensemble in Jazz and Global Music Widenhofer, Marc
PSCI 2225 International Political Economy Schram, Peter
PSCI 2251 The Politics of U.S. and Global Immigration Hiskey, Jonathan
PSCI 3894 Selected Topics in Comparative Politics – Elections and Voters Around th Zechmeister, Elizabeth
PSCI 3894 Selected Topics in Comparative Politics – Political Economy of Corruptio Toral, Guillermo
PORT 1103 Intensive Elementary Portuguese STAFF
PORT 2203/5203 Intermediate Portuguese Legg, Benjamin
PORT 3303/5303 Introduction to Luso-Brazilian Literature Legg, Benjamin
PORT 3850 Independent Study Fitz, Earl
PORT 4350/5350 Brazilian Culture through Native Material Legg, Benjamin
PORT 9520 Seminar: Studies in Contemporary Literature of the Portuguese-Speaking World – Thry and Pract of Literary Tra Fitz, Earl
SPAN 1111 First Year Writing Seminar- FYS:Ecocritical Persp LAm Lit STAFF
SPAN 2201  Intermediate Spanish STAFF
SPAN 2204 Intensive Intermediate Spanish STAFF
SPAN 3301W Intermediate Spanish Writing STAFF
SPAN 3302 Spanish For Oral Communication Through Cultural Topics STAFF
SPAN 3303 Introduction to Spanish and Spanish American Literature Pintane/Luis/Gardner/Karageorgou
SPAN 3340 Advanced Conversation Falconi, Heraldo/ Delassus, Sarah
SPAN 3345 Spanish in Business and the Global Economy Catanzaro, Lorraine J.
SPAN 3375 Film and Culture in Latin America Castillo, Anna
SPAN 3830 Spanish for Health and Society Catanzaro, Lorraine J.
SPAN 3892 Special Topics in Spanish Language and Linguistics – Linguistic Diversity in the Sp Wasick, Cynthia
SPAN 3893 Special Topics in Hispanic Literature – Spanish Lit-Borders of Identit Hill, Ruth
SPAN 3893 Special Topics in Hispanic Literature – Indians, Blacks & Cowboys Cardenas Bunsen, Jose
SPAN 4340 History of the Spanish Language Rasico, Philip
SPAN 4420 Spanish American Literature from the Conquest to 1900 Cardenas Bunsen, Jose
SPAN 4550 The Theory and Practice of Literary Translation Fitz, Earl
SPAN 4730 Modern Latin American Poetry Karageorgou Bastea, Christina
SPAN 4741  Spanish-American Literature of the Post-Boom Era Luis, William
SPAN 4755 Latina and Latin American Women Writers Castillo, Anna
SPAN 4760  Literature and Medicine Trigo, Benigno
SPAN 8220 Seminar: Studies in Spanish American Literature in a Global Context Hill, Ruth
SPAN 9250 Self-Writing in Latin America Trigo, Benigno
SPAN 9520 Special Topics in Spanish American Literature – Thry & Pract of Lit Translatio Fitz, Earl
SPAN 9660 Special Studies in Spanish Literature Zamora/Hill