LAS Course Options for Fall 2020



AADS 1706 Capoeira: Afro-Brazilian Race, Culture and Expression Whiting, Gilman
ANTH 1101 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Bjork-James, Carwil
ANTH 1111 First Year Writing Seminar: Conquest of Mexico Ross, Norbert
ANTH 1201 Introduction to Archaeology Eberl, Markus
ANTH 1601 Introduction to Language and Culture Harvey, T.S.
ANTH 3121/6121 Global Wealth and Poverty Gill, Lesley
ANTH 3134 Human Rights of Indigenous People Bjork-James, Carwil
ANTH 3138 Global Food Politics Conklin, Beth
ANTH 3261/6261 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing Wernke, Steven
ANTH 3262/6262 Ethics in Anthropology, Archaeology, and Development Demarest, Arthur
ANTH 3346 Human Adaptation and Disease Benn Torres, Jada
ANTH 3372/6372 Human Osteology Tung, Tiffiny
ANTH 3801 Bioarchaeology Theory and Methods Tung, Tiffiny
ANTH 3890/6890 Beyond Human/Animal: The Social Lives of Microbes, Fungi and Trees Conklin, Beth
ANTH 3890/6890 Historical Archaeology Fowler, William
ANTH 3890/6890 Coffee STS Approach Fischer, Edward
ANTH 3890/6890 Cultural & Linguistic Determinants of Health Harvey, T.S.
ANTH 4154 Realities and Worldviews: Why Culture Matters Ross, Norbert
ANTH 6242 Seminar on Political Economy and Anthropology Gill, Lesley
ANTH 8104 The Archaeology of the Ancient Maya Civilizations Demarest, Arthur
ANTH 8220 The Historical Archeology of Latin America Fowler, William
CREO 1101/5101 Elementary Haitian Creole II (Duke) STAFF
CREO 2201/5201 Intermediate Haitian Creole II (Duke) STAFF
DIV 6643/REL 6643 Materialist Biblical Criticism Segovia, Fernando
DIV 6645 Political Biblical Criticism Segovia, Fernando
ECON 2220 Latin American Economic Development Vides De Andrade, Ana R.
ECON 3600 International Trade Driskill, Robert
ECON 3650/5650 Development Economics Dustan, Andrew

Gutierrez, Federico

ECON 4520W Seminar on Globalization Bond, Eric
ECON 7910 Seminar in Research on Economic Development: Microeconomic Applications Dustan, Andrew

Vides De Andrade, Ana R

ENGL 1111 First Year Writing Seminar: Immigration & U.S. Identity Nwankwo, Ifeoma
Hist 1111 First-year Writing Seminar: Destruction of the Indies Landers, Jane
HIST 1370 Colonial Latin America Robinson, William F.
HIST 1383 Slave Resistance in the Americas Landers, Jane
HIST 2457 Drug Trafficking and Society in Latin America Wright-Rios, Edward
HIST 2510/5510 Reform and Revolution in Latin America Eakin, Marshall
HIST 4960 Majors Seminar – Nationalism and Revolution in the Caribbean Robinson, William F.
HIST 8630 Research Seminar in Latin American History Eakin, Marshall
IEPM 6110 International Organizations and International Development Heinrich, Carolyn
KICH 1101/5101 Elementary K’iche’ I Sattler, Mareike
KICH 2201/5201 Intermediate K’iche’ I Sattler, Mareike
LAS 2101 Introduction to Latin American Studies Kostiw, Nicolette
LAS 3851 Independent Study Dickins de Giron, Margaret A.
LAS 4901/5901 Research Seminar Kostiw, Nicolette/

Covington, Paula

LAS 5851 Independent Study Kostiw, Nicolette
LAS 7999 Master’s Thesis Research Kostiw, Nicolette
MHS 2410/5410 HIV/AIDS in the Global Community Petty, JuLeigh
MHS 2610 Global Health Crises McKay, Tara
MHS 4010 Psychiatry, Culture and Globalization Behague, Dominique
PUBH 5501 Epidemiology I Grijalva, Carlos
PUBH 5542/MHS 7305 Foundations of Global Health Moon, Troy
MUSE 1200/1210/1220 Steel Drum/Pan Ensemble Britain, Mathew R.
PSCI 1101 Introduction to Comparative Politics Lupu, Noam
PSCI 2246 Political Conflict and Civilians Dorff, Cassy
PSCI 8370 Topics in Political Science – Political Violence Lupu, Noam
PSCI 8370 Topics in Political Science – Politics of Corruption Toral, Guillermo
PORT 1103 Intensive Elementary Portuguese STAFF
PORT 1111 First Year Writing Seminar: Brazilian Cinema Legg, Benjamin
PORT 2203/5203 Intermediate Portuguese Legg, Benjamin
PORT 3302 Brazilian Pop Culture Oliveira-Monte, Emanuelle
PORT 4425/5425 Modern Brazilian Literature Fitz, Earl
SOC 3321 Population and Society Sana, Mariano
SOC 3322 Immigration in America Sana, Mariano
SPAN 1111 First Year Writing Seminar- Imagining other Americas Hill, Ruth
SPAN 3301W Intermediate Spanish Writing STAFF
SPAN 3302 Spanish For Oral Communication Through Cultural Topics Delassus, Sarah

Lorenzo-Garcia, Alicia

SPAN 3303 Introduction to Spanish and Spanish American Literature Gardner, Victoria

Luis, William

Murray, Neica

Pintane, Maria

SPAN 3340 Advanced Conversation Delassus, Sarah

Helmuth, Chalene

SPAN 3345 Spanish for Business and Economics Catanzaro, Lorraine
SPAN 3355 Advanced Conversation through Cultural Issues in Film Pintane, Marie
SPAN 3375/5375 Film and Culture in Latin America Castillo, Anna
SPAN 3830 Spanish for the Medical Profession Catanzaro, Lorraine
SPAN 3891 Special Topics in Hispanic Culture: Nashville en español Helmuth, Chalene
SPAN 3893 Special Topics in Hispanic Literature: Engaging the Environment in Latin America Literature Helmuth, Chalene
SPAN 3893/5893 Special Topics in Hispanic Literature: Latinx US Literature Luis, William
SPAN 3893/5893 Special Topics in Hispanic Literature: Contemporary Mexican Literature/Culture Karageorgou Bastea, Christina
SPAN 4440/5440 Development of the Short Story Hill, Ruth
SPAN 4445/5445 Development of the Novel Zamora, Andres
SPAN 4465 The Theory and Practice of Drama Karageorgou Bastea, Christina
SPAN 4550/5550 The Theory and Practice of Literary Translation Fitz, Earl
SPAN 4741 Spanish-American Literature of the Post-Boom Era Castillo, Anna
SPAN 4760 Literature and Medicine Trigo,Benigno
SPAN 6010 Literary Analysis and Theory Trigo,Benigno
SPAN 8600 Seminar: Issues in Latin American Cinema Oliveira-Monte, Emanuelle