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Celebration of Learning: An Exhibition of Students as Producers

On Monday, January 29th, from 2 to 5 p.m., the Center for Teaching held a Celebration of Learning, an exhibition of students as producers. The event featured posters, presentations, and projects by students from all over campus, sharing what they have learned, created, designed, and discovered. All faculty, staff, and students at Vanderbilt were invited to attend and see a picture of immersive student learning across the colleges and schools.

Most of the 40 or so projects on exhibit were created by students as part of coursework here at Vanderbilt. Students will share podcast episodes, short films, webcomics, manufacturing equipment, oil paintings, service learning projects, design thinking projects, laboratory research, a mural, a board game, a computer roleplaying game, a policy brief, a magazine, a photo essay, and much more.

These projects were the result of instructors who engaged their students not only as consumers of information, but producers of knowledge. The projects emerged from courses and other learning experiences where students were asked to tackle open-ended problems, to operate with a degree of autonomy, or to share their work with wider audiences. All of the projects were nominated by faculty members, and all were completed in calendar year 2017. The event was held in Alumni Hall.



2:00Welcoming Remarks from Derek Bruff
2:15Exhibition and Presentations
Students from all over campus share posters, presentations, and performances that demonstrate what they have discovered, created, designed, authored, and solved this year.
4:00Plenary Session
5:00Event Concludes
Prizes will be awarded!