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Workshop Planning Document

Use the following prompts/questions to guide your planning of the workshop.

  1. What are the objectives of the workshop?
  2. What do you anticipate about the number of participants, their fields of study, status (faculty, graduate or professional students, postdocs, undergraduates, etc.), prior knowledge of the topic, familiarity with each other?
  3. What format will work best for the workshop: lecture, discussion, small group activities, etc.?
  4. Date and time of the workshop?
  5. Has a room been reserved? Consider size and type of room.
  6. Publicity: Fliers, E-mail? Posters? Brochures? Invitations?
  7. Will you have a guest speaker?
  8. Have technology needs been arranged for? TV/VCR, overhead, screen, chalkboard, computer, etc.
  9. Do you have necessary supplies: markers, chalk, transparency, etc.?
  10. Are there handouts to copy? If so, how many will you need?
  11. Food? Drinks? Plates, napkins, etc.?
  12. Thank you note/gift for the guest speaker/others?