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How One Mathematical Theory Could Unlock Consciousness | inter+SECTIONS (Student Research Series)

Apr. 28, 2023—Undergraduate students at A&S have unique opportunities to conduct a wide range of research, discovery, and scholarship during their time on campus. As an undergraduate researcher, Pax Poggi BA’25 studies the intersection of mathematics and consciousness. Hear about his work with the integrated information theory of consciousness, the first mathematical framework for evaluating awareness.

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Faculty Use Universal Language of Math to Tackle Some of COVID-19’s Biggest Challenges

Jul. 23, 2020—As public health officials tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, they face an overwhelming number of factors that affect the virus’s spread. Population density, economic challenges, adherence to social distancing measures—they all play a part in determining the rise or fall of infection rates. And the results of efforts to “flatten the curve” can vary from place...

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