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inter+SECTIONS: environmental justice + sustainability with Patrick Trent Greiner

Nov. 30, 2023—Patrick Trent Greiner, assistant professor of sociology and C. Family Dean’s Faculty Fellow in Grand Challenges: Climate and Society, studies the intersection of environmental justice and sustainability. He investigates how public policy has created social inequality in the past, increasing environmental risk to marginalized communities, and affecting the health and quality of life for many.

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inter+SECTIONS: disability + built environment with Aimi Hamraie

Feb. 24, 2023—Aimi Hamraie, associate professor of medicine, health, and society, discusses opportunities to make urban environments more equitable and accessible for disabled individuals. Hamraie, whose work focuses on disability and the built environment, offers solutions for a more accessible future for all.

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inter+SECTIONS | artificial intelligence + society with Michael Bess

Nov. 30, 2022—As once only imagined technologies now become reality, Chancellor’s Professor of History Michael Bess studies the ethical implications for society as the artificial intelligence race outpaces regulation.

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inter+SECTIONS: Climate Change + Evolution with Larisa DeSantis

Aug. 26, 2022—  Conservation paleobiologist Larisa DeSantis, associate professor of biological sciences, explores the intersection of climate change + evolution with her research on the extinct marsupial lion. Watch the debut episode from inter+SECTIONS, a new faculty research video series from the College of Arts and Science.

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